Andy Morris



Chandelarrow Design Co. is a graphic design studio based in Portland, OR. founded by designer, Andy Morris.


- Marketing & Brand Strategy
- Packaging Strategy & Design
- Brand Identity Development
- Logo and Icon Design
- Print/Web Marketing Materials
- Point of Sale Signage/Installations
- Publication Design


The name “Chandelarrow” was borrowed from the title of my family ranch-land in Texas. An area of the East Texas Piney Woods where I spent summers in the woods hunting, fishing, building, and exploring. Arrowheads from earlier native inhabitants could be found in abundance scattered amongst trails, riverbanks and forest floors. These finds became so common at the ranch; family, friends, and other visitors began to collect and hang them from the PVC lighting fixture in the main bunkhouse. After 30+ years of collecting, the ranch became known as the "Chandel-Arrow" due to the hundreds of birdpoint arrowheads that now adorned the once modest "chandelier". Fast forward 25 years, the ranch name takes on a second act, this time in Industrial SE Portland.

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