Andy Morris


Post 003 - People Holding Cold Brew

After some quick hashtag searching online, it's very easy to see what happens to the world when everybody has a camera attached to a tiny computer in their hand. Now place, in the other free hand, a highly caffeinated, delicious, beverage, all contained in an attractive package. Combine the two and you have an insane amount of people taking photos of hands holding Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. Some are beautiful... most are just a document of, "Hey World, look what I found". Even though I've been a graphic designer for over 10 years now, I've got to say its an odd, yet very flattering feeling, to see something that once lived inside my head, being held in so many people's hands. If anything, I think its a testament to how interconnected our world has become, and how fast everything moves. This wasn't even a possibility 5 years ago.