Andy Morris


Post - 006 - Constellation Supply Co.

Constellation Supply Co. is the long-time dream of a former colleague at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Evan Dohrmann. Their first product, "The Little Dripper", is a pour over dripper, designed and crafted by ceramicists domestically in the USA. I had the honor of working with Evan to develop the identity and help them launch their Kickstarter campaign. If you are looking to support a great company in its infancy, check out their Kickstarter. The project was recently elevated to Staff Pick Status!

Designed to simplify the pour over brewing process, The Little Dripper uses any commercially available paper filter, and is more forgiving in its general brew parameters. It's simple, beautiful, a joy to use, has a super cool name, makes great coffee without over-complication, looks great on your counter top when its not making coffee, is made in AMERICA!!!!!, and if taken care of, will last a lifetime.

I wish them the best of luck in their funding mission, and can't wait to continue working with them as their brand continues to grow. 

in addition, if you are wanting a silk screened glow in the dark constellation poster or mission control logo patch, they are now available as prizes through the Kickstarter campaign, donate here.