Andy Morris

Little Beast Brewing - Brand Identity & Packaging

Little Beast Beast Founders and veteran brewer, Charles Porter and Brenda Crow, approached me with the notion to open a brewery in the already super saturated Portland brewing market, making anything but the usual brewing suspects.

Charles' experimental process of using old world techniques, ingredients from the abundance of Oregon's edible landscape, in conjunction to brewing with multiple alternative cultures, (Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and wild flora) seemed like an opportunity to brand and differentiate the idea of “Rare Beer”. A slightly foreign product from the majority of “Micro Brews”, the average beer drinker knows and loves.

Together we created the “Little Beast” identity. A mark, that much like Charles's unique beers, would engage and communicate to it's audience the influence, ingenuity, and new flavors they might experience upon enjoying the product. Without being too obscure our pretentious, the mark seeks to open new doors, tempting exploration, for those seeking more than the ubiquitous IPA or NW Red Ale.

After launching, the brand was immediately being served at some of Portland's finest bottle shops, pubs, and restaurants, with 750mL and 375mL being stocked by retailers in the summer months ahead.